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BERGES RF Pulley/Belt Drives

  • Symmetrical Pulleys for standard V-Belts

  • R.. Adjusting Variable Pulley on driving shaft.
  • F.. Tensioning Pulley on driven shaft*
  • Constant distance between shafts & Constant Tension.
  • Wide Speed Range - to 8.5~1 variable.
  • Suitable for Forward & Reversing operations.
  • Power range from 1/2hp (0.37kw) to 7.5hp (5.5kw).


Berges RF and KRM series fixed center distance adjustable speed pulleys are used with standard Z, A, B, C V-belts for power transmission, as well as the lighter 3L, 4L, and 5L power transmission V-Belts, as well as their metric counterparts 10mm, 13mm, 17mm and 22mm V-Belts.  The KRM series is a simple and economical series for light power applications from 0.25 to 0.75kw (1/3 to 1hp) in a 6/1 speed & torque multiplication range.  The Berges RF series goes beyond the KRM power range, topping at 5.5kw (7.5hp) and due to its unique interlacing sheave face design offers up to 8.5/1 speed torque multiplication range.

Berges RF series pulleys operate on parallel shafts between the Drive Pulley "R" and Driven Pulley "F". 

The Berges R pulley has a bearing that is used as a control element to move the sliding face of the pulley inward (to increase the effective pitch diameter) or outward (to reduce the effective pitch diameter).  This control bearing is typically operated by an adjustment control that consists of a threaded shaft, fixed location nut, and a hand wheel to move the threaded shaft inward or outward through the shafts rotation.  Other methods of moving this control bearing in and out axially are used depending on the machines design and designers preferences.

The Berges F pulley has a coiled flat wire spring to maintain constant pressure on the F pulleys movable tension sliding face.  The Berges RF system is designed to operate with shaft centers fixed in distance parallel to one another.  When the Berges R pulleys bearing is moved outward, the control half of the sheave moves outward with the pulley. 

Model Range Motor RPM Hp RPM Max RPM Min HP min HP Max
RF100 1:5.0 1644 0.5 3678 734 0.21 0.46
RF150 1:6.5 1692 2 4314 664 0.64 1.88
RF210 1:8.0 1704 4 4812 602 1.53 3.75
RF280 1:8.5 1740 7.5 5076 596 3.61 6.81

The R control pulley operating at Motor RPM will drive the F tensioning pulley through the speed range through adjustment of the diameter of the R pulley.  At minimum diameter of R pulley the minimum RPM of F pulley is made, while maximizing output torque.  For high starting torque applications, adjusting to the slowest speed before stopping the machine will allow easier starting due to higher output torque capability.  This benefit inherent coupled with a very high reliability to the design of Berges Variable Speed Pulley systems has been a selling point for the last 70 years.  Simple, reliable, high starting torque, and efficiency are elements of an adjustable speed v-belt pulley system from TVT Berges.

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