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Variable Speed Pulley & Belt Drive Systems from ComInTec


Metric Locking Ring

100% Manufactured in Italy to Precision Standards

TVT America is proud to bring North America high performance STEEL variable speed pulleys and drive systems designed & produced by ComInTec s.r.l. of Bologna, Italy.  TVT has enjoyed designing new variable speed pulley drive systems with ComInTec components as well as replacing existing components on variable pitch pulley drive systems produced by other manufactures.
V-Belt Pulley adjustable speed drive systems can be classified in two basic forms:
Fixed diameter pulley with adjustable center distance to drive a spring adjusting tensioning pulley.   As the distance is increased between the fixed diameter and adjustable spring tensioning pulley the pitch diameter of the tensioning pulley changes to maintain a constant drive tension.  This change in diameter causes the drive line ratio to change; thus speed is changed relative to the input speed of the system.
          Benefits of this system:
                    a.  Mechanical simplicity

                    b.  Low system cost
                    c.  Transmission efficiency
                    d. Minimal maintenance
                    e. High reliability
                    f.  Compact driveline volume.
          Drawbacks of this system: D.E.A.C. MTZ MTE COMPACT
                    a.  Modest variable speed change range.
                    b.  Center distance between shafts must adjust.
Adjustable diameter control pulley with a fixed center distance to a drive a spring adjusting tensioning pulley.  In this design, the adjustable diameter control pulley has its pitch diameter adjusted by the axial movement of a movable sheave face; typically controlled by a trust bearing.  As the pitch diameter of the control pulley is adjusted to minimize its diameter, the tensioning pulley that it is driving will move against a spring axially to change its pitch diameter, thus changing the drive line ratio.
          Benefits of this system:

                    a.  Mechanical simplicity.
                    b.  Transmission efficiency.
                    c.   Minimal maintenance.
                    d.  High reliability.
                    e.  Compact driveline volume
                    f.  Center distanced between shafts is fixed.
                    g.  Wide speed range - could exceed 10/1 ratio.
          Drawbacks of this system:


                    a.  Higher initial cost than the adjustable center distance system.
                    b.  Requires high performance Wide Variator Belts (CWb)  
Beyond the two basic forms of variable speed belt drive systems, adjustable center distance and fixed center distance type, we also have the material to which these pulleys are fabricated of.  The ComInTec adjustable pitch pulley systems are fabricated of steel and employ either conical springs or helical spring systems.  This seems to be the standard approach to the Italian design and production of adjustable speed belt drive systems, and also appears to be the path which North American manufactures of variable speed drives using pulleys and belts have employed.  LoveJoy, SpeedSelector, Reeves. Maurey, and others are making pulleys of steel.
German manufactures, such as LENZE, BERGES, and BECKER A.G. produce their range of Variable Speed pulleys with pressure die cast aluminum alloy sheave faces over machined steel hubs.  This approach reduces weight, improves cooling, as well as increases horsepower capability in some of the larger sizes, while also increasing the cost of their pulley systems.  
For steel or aluminum, fixed or adjustable center distance, high performance or standard V-Belt, TVT America has the solution to your variable pitched adjutable speed belt pulley drive from fractional to 200 horsepower.


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