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Elvem S.r.l. Motors

Tucked away in the mountainous Veneto region of northern Italy in the town of Bassano del Grappa, historic home to the artist Jacopo Bassano, who also invented the spirit Grappa, as well as the birthplace of Elvem s.r.l. from the family Baron in 1966.  In this small historic place comes big things, of quality, of spirit, and tradition.  Elvem is one, and the family Baron continues in the tradition of innovation this region is known for.
Today, lead by TVT America's friend & partner Manuel Baron, Elvem s.r.l. brings a range of electric motors to include frames to 355, power to 500Hp, and efficiencies to IE3.   Many speak of range, but what is this without delivery when needed?  Elvem s.r.l. backs TVT America with heavy inventory on 2, 4, 6, 8 pole, dual pole, single phase, to insure fast delivery when required  in North America.

What then does that mean to you, the North American TVT distributor, OEM, or End User?  It means you are important, your need is important, from end to end, we can quickly quote, build, and ship the solution to your electric motor problem.  No small feat in some cases, as we know many lives,  jobs, productions depend on the actions or inactions taken.   You can appreciate a company with 50 years experience that takes the time to deliver ONE motor to you, specific to your need, as fast as humanly possible.


Elvem S.r.l. can back up its desire to serve you for your IEC motor needs.  Their stock starts at frame 56 and ends in 355, they have it on hand, ready to go, power to 500hp, in 2, 4, 6, 8 pole, and if special features are need... they quickly address your need quickly. QUICKLY.  You are important at Elvem, you are the customer!  Interesting idea, novel in some companies. Standard at Elvem s.r.l. 

With Elvem, we can deliver quickly, a huge range of IE1, IE2, IE3 motors, brake motors, dual speed motors, brake motors, motors with encoders, forced ventilation, and sizes beyond where most stop.  500hp is a big electric motor, it is ready to ship, how many do you want? Elvem is the solution.  Fast, reliable, quality, efficient, standard or made to suit.

The Elvem s.r.l. product range is arranged in this way.
  • Three Phase Aluminum in sizes 56 to 132. (0.06 to 15kw)
  • Three Phase Cast Iron in sizes 160 to 355. (4kw to 400Kw)
  • Three Phase Brake Motors in sizes 56 to 280. (0.09 to 90Kw)
  • Single Phase AC in sizes 63 to 112 (0.09 to 4Kw)
  • Motors with Squirrel Cage and Axial Fans
  • Worm Gear Speed Reducers in the NMRV form. "Design-Marketing-SEO"