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Direct Current Brakes

Alternating Current Brakes

Electrical Accessories

O.E.G. DC Brakes are Safety Brakes which springs engage when DC power is off.

O.E.G. AC Brakes are Safety Brakes which springs engage when AC power is off.

O.E.G Electrical Accessories includes a wide range of half-wave rectifiers designed specifically for safety brakes.

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O.E.G. Innovation and Quality


The Gottifredi family designed & began construction of their new and innovative spring safety brakes in three phase alternating current in 1959.  Over the years a series of three phase AC power brakes became a standard series, as well as expanding into single phase AC powered brakes, and direct current brakes.  Like many original innovations, OEG is oft imitated and out right copied, the O.E.G. brake has never been equaled. 


O.E.G. srl Brakes FRENO Officina Gottifredi


O.E.G. srl safety brakes are spring pressure braking.  An electro magnet is powered by AC or DC current that compresses the springs when energized.  When the electric circuit is opened, the magnetic field is removed, springs create pressure over the brakes disc, resulting in a fast, high precision, high force braking action.

Choosing the correct O.E.G. brake depends on your applications moment of inertia, the number of brake actions/hour, the environment which it is operational, and the severity of your application.  O.E.G. srl Engineering staff in Italy supports TVT America's engineering staff in USA to assure the correct brake is selected for your unique application.


Officiana Elettronica Gottifredi S.r.l Safety Brakes


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