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2G/2D Zone 1-21 ATEX IEC  Speed Variators
3G/3D Zone 1-22 ATEX IEC  Speed Variators.

Explosive Atmosphere: Guidelines

ATEX Directive 94/9/EC - Equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Group Flammable Materials Explosive Atmosphere Protection Level Category Zone
I - Mines & Surface Installations

Firedamp, methane, carbon dust

Continuously Present Very High M1 -
Likely to occur in normal operation High M2 -
II Surface industries & other sites

Gas, Vapors, Dusts

Constantly present or present for long periods. Very High 1G 0 Gas
1D 20 Dust
Likely to occur in normal operation. High 2G 1 Gas
2D 21 Dust
Occasional presence only for a limited amount of time. Normal 3G 2 Gas
3D 22 Dust
Not suited - non ATEX Ex Motor None - -
- -

ATEX-Certified Variators

For potentially Explosive environments.

Var-Spe hydrostatic speed variators are the ideal solution for variable speed and direction control in potentially explosive and explosion-proof environments.  They comply with ATEX 95 directive (94/9/EC) and are world proven to be Simple, Rugged, and Reliable.

No programming required:  "It ain't rocket surgery", the control of speed & direction is simple proven hydrostatic drive technology, all packaged into one reliable compact unit.  Turn the knob forward, it goes forward, turn it more, it goes faster.  Turn the knob the other direction, it goes slower, further it will stop, and further still it will go in reverse.  No study guide required, there will not be a test, it is simple and safe.

What can be better for your ATEX Zone 1/21 or 2/22 environments, both Gas & Dust, we can hit the following classifiactions:

Ex II 2 GDbc IP65 T-135C X

EX 2 GDc IP65 T-180C

EX II 3GDc IP65 T-135C


TVT America has worked with Var-Spe for a wide variety of speed control solutions including those requiring ATEX Certification.   What is surprising is that the VarSpe solution has been quietly doing its job since 1963.  In North America, the VarSpe product was presented by TB-Woods for many years as the HSV.  Hydrostatic Variator.

The new series K, an improvement over all other forms of the VarSpe, including the well known HSV, brings the Hydrostatic Variator benefits home for a very affordable price point.  Thes benefits include:

Cost-Effective Installation - NEMA C-Face, IEC-C-Face, or foot mounted.

Simple to use - No programming, no operator course required.

Low Cost - When compared to a VFD for a 0 to 1700 rpm drive, the VarSpe is actually less expensive in many cases.

High Starting Torque - Unlike many speed variator devices, the VarSpe produces high starting torques.

Fantastic Speed Range - 1700 to 0 to 1700 in two directions at the turn of a knob.

Adjustable Torque Limter - NO EXTRA COST!  Because this is a hydrostatic drive, it is easy for us to employ a torque limiting valve in our design to allow you to limit torque, protecting machinery and personnel, and very easy to set up.

VarSpe for ATEX applications features;

*  Power range from 1/2 to 50hp

*  Long Service Life.

*  Zero RPM output with motor running full speed.

* Power off adjustment, with no damages.

* Precise and repeatable adjustment even after years of use, no internal friction to change values.

*  Horizontal or Vertical Installation.

* Clockwise and Anti-Clockwise rotation, and it is possible to limit to only Clockwise OR Anti-Clockwise if desired.

*  Local or remote speed control schemes are possible.

*  Speed range limitation, a physical adjustment, no programming required.

Proudly Designed & Manufactured in Italy... Assembled in U.S.A.

  Documentation VAR-SPE ATEX Series

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