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 TVT America was formed to support and develop the North American market for the Italian gear manufactures Tramec S.r.l., Varmec S.r.l., and Techno-Line-Service (aka TLS Riduttori) S.r.l.  In 2003, TVT America, Incorporated as an Oklahoma Limited Liability Corporation.  In a highly competitive market, TVT America is organized to offer American customers factory support, service & pricing from the heartland of North America.

Today, 15 years later, TVT America is known for its "Made in Italy...Loved in America" mantra, motto, trademark.

Made in Italy - yes, a culture and tradition that goes over 500 years, where power transmission is art, passion, and a science that is alive today.  Not the copy, the original.

Loved in America - loved, can you really love power transmission machinery? Any craftsmen is only as sharp or accurate as his tools, so tools are important in making fine things, providing a livelihood, accomplishing anything, and quality, reliable, designed to perform without fail are qualities any master artisan will attest to.  In power transmission, we provide the most carefully designed, thoughtfully engineered, and correctly made components in industry. This is your life's work, these are the tools that allow you to deliver above expectation in every aspect, you might call it an endearing quality, some call it love.  The best in every industry rely on TVT, you might too.

Our rapidly growing service & assembly center is capable of quickly shipping, and is backed by a Friday-Monday turnaround from Italy to USA on out of stock items and specials.  Urgent Care program is available for 2-3 day shipping from Italian production at very economical prices due to our massive volume and deeply discounted pricing with carriers. 
TVT America's product range is extensive, the most comprehensive metric and IEC power-transmission line in North America all from original design/manufacture.  We are able to provide from the drive to the driven solution, reducing suppliers, costs, and labor for our customers, without compromising quality or integrity of source.

TVT  Italian Power Transmission

for North America

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