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K Series Foot, Shaft, & Flange Mount Worm Gearboxes


K Series is exactly what you need with nothing wasted.  K's compact round housing design provides a clean, cool, cost effective right angle drive for many ac-gearmotor and dc-gearmotor applications.  The K shares the same gearsets as our X series, which keeps our production volumes up and your cost and lead times short for one piece or hundreds.  Near-net vacuum diecast housings means very little CNC Machine time is required, and very low deviation and scrap rates... to you, that means perfection at a low price.   While the K gets its corrosion resistance from its casting alloy, it readily accepts paint to suit your machine.  Foot mount, flange, and torque arm mounting is obvious, but an output flange one one side with a bearing cap on the other can create a clean, safe, drive for many of your applications.

  • Automated assembly machinery.
  • Servo, Step, AC and DC Gearmotors, and Gear Brake Motor configurations directly from TVT production.
  • Ideal for storage retrieval systems, and other material handling equipment requiring more gearbox for less money.
  • Packaging machinery where noise, leak free operation, and reliability 24/7 is desirable.
  • Medical device equipment, surgical beds, hand driven and motor driven, NC surgical beds.
  • Drive for linear actuators.
  • Lightweight & powerful winch drives.
  • Food processing machinery.
  • Solar tracking, solar panel positioning, high ratio drive systems.
  • Applications requiring small and large single, double, and triple reduction worm gearing.
  • Machine builders seeking mechanical torque limiter integral to gear drive.
TVT America can add a Dagu PMDC motor & control, or a MT AC motor to create a one-source direct from manufacture gearmotor; add a brake, encoder, variator, to create exactly the design you need.  One part number, one low price.

  • Housing: Vacuum diecast corrosion resistant alloy aluminum in sizes 30 to 75, Engineered cast iron sizes 90 to 110.
  • Flanged Input style available for immediate assembly.
  • Single or Double, Hollow, and torque limiter outputs with torque-arm, flange, and universal foot mounting.
  • Gears: Superclean & hard forged bronze over cast iron hub machined to high recess action profile.
  • Worms: Machined from solid steel bar (not roll formed), then case carborized, quench hardened, and ground.
  • Bearings: Precision Tapered Roller & Ball - ISO Grade Manufactured of 52100 Vacuum Degassed Steels.
  • Tested for Noise, backlash, fit, and finish. ISO 9002 production.
  • 124 to 5140 in-lbs output torque (T2N).
  • i = 7.5 to 100/1 in standard ratios... to 40,000/1 (see XX, KX, KK Series).
  • Reduced backlash and servo inputs available by request.
  • ITL (Integrated Mechanical Torque Limiter) Available on-demand.
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