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Fixed Gear Gear Ratio


The TVT Group offers a wide range of Fixed Gear Ratio drives for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications.  Our Fixed Gear Ratio offerings include:

  • Planetary Fixed Gear Gear Ratio drives.

    TVT Product ranges from super precision servo REP through Economical E-Performance Series, including our EX range of Industrial Planetary fixed gear ratio speed reducers.  Visit Planetary on our product page for more details.  Our extensive fixed gear ratio range runs from 3 to 2035/1 in planetary reductions.


  • Concentric Helical Fixed Gear Gear Ratio reducers.

    We offer the CV series for fixed gear gear ratio concentric helical reducers from Varmec, the "V" in TVT. Our range of fixed ratio gear reducers is from 1.29 to 303/1 in ratio. The CV can be motorized to create an RCV gearmotor, which is also a popular addition to a variable speed drive.


  • Parallel Helical Fixed Gear Gear Ratio gearboxes

    America's most reliable choice in parallel helical fixed ratio gear reducers comes from TVT.  The broadest line on the market with fixed gear ratios ranging from 1.1 to 801/1 in a single gearcase.  The Z, REP, and torque arm shaft mounted gearboxes complete the parallel helical fixed ratio gearbox range from TVT.


  • Helical Bevel Fixed Gear Gear Ratio Gearmotors.
  • Also called Bevel Helical Gearboxes as the primary reduction is a Gleason bevel gear which the driven gear drives a pinon shaft to a secondary helical gear.  This form of fixed gear gear ratio speed reducer provides high ratio in a compact and economical package.


  • Worm & Helical Worm Fixed Gear Gear Ratio speed reducers.

    For applications requiring lower horsepower, high fixed gear gear ratio, economical, and a compact footprint, the TVT range of fixed gear gear ratio worm gear speed reducers is possibly the broadest and most flexible range on the market.  Sizes range from the ultra compact VSF23 micro worm gear reducer all the way to the X and K 130mm power house.



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