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  October 2010 - Revised Version of Worm Gearbox Catalog  


       We are pleased to introduce the updated version of our Tramec worm gearbox catalog.  Beyond the universal series X, helical series H, and round series K from 30mm to 110mm center distances, the new catalog also includes our new 130mm MEGA worm gear reducer in series X, H, and K.    The catalog is available for immediate download in the Italian-English-German version, with a French-English-Spanish version in progress.
       Also include in the new catalog are the series VSF2.USC Double output worm gearboxes, and the N series variators from Tramec. Tramec's range of worm gear reducers has been design with modularity and efficiency to provide the customer an economical solution with fast delivery without compromising quality, or the integrity of our 100% Italian production.  
       Tramec's X, H, and K series are becoming more and more popular in motion control applications, as our standard backlash offering is in the single digits in most cases, even in helical worm "H" offering.   To learn more about Tramec's worm reducer offering, contact your local sales representative or sales@tvtamerica.com (ph: 866.285.5055)  

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