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SFK - BFK Series - Interchangable Worm Gear Reducers

  • Interchange Series Worm Gear
  • BFK - STM, Varvel, Siti
  • SFK - Bonfiglioli & Hydromec
  • NMRV Motovario (see X type)
  • Spaggiari and others (see K type)
  • Fast production & Delivery.
  • Efficient cost saving design.
  • 100% Italian designed & produced.

The SFK Series from TLS Riduttori S.r.l. is a very competitive solution for many problems.  It has been designed to allow direct replacement of worm gear reducers from STM S.p.a., Varvel S.p.a., Siti S.p.a., Bonfiglioli S.p.a., Hydromec S.r.l., and Spaggiarai Riduttori, with one series of flexible, innovative, high performance, worm gear reduction.   The modular design of the gear case allows us to change output flanges, feet, torque arms, and bore sizes to suit the dimensions required for interchange.  For the OEM customer, it means change over to TVT from the competition is easy, for our force of content wide TVT Distributors "from Panama to Canada" it means they can replace nearly any IEC/mm worm gear with ONE trusted manufacture, TVT America, and for the end user it means having the peace of mind that comes with knowing TVT has their solution available... no worries & no problems.

  • Housing: Vacuum die-cast corrosion resistant alloy aluminum in sizes 30 to 75, Engineered cast iron sizes 90 to 110.
  • Flanged Input style available for immediate assembly.  Single & Double solid input shafts available.
  • Single or Double, Hollow, and torque limiter outputs with torque-arm, flange, and universal foot mounting.
  • Gears: Superclean & hard forged bronze over cast iron hub machined to high recess action profile.
  • Worms: Machined from solid steel bar (not roll formed), then case carborized, quench hardened, and ground.
  • Bearings: Four Precision Tapered Roller or Ball - ISO Grade Manufactured of 52100 Vacuum Degassed Steels.
  • Tested for Noise, backlash, fit, and finish. ISO 9002 production.
  • Shipped wet & ready: Synthetic Shell Tivela S320 or Equal High Performance Gear Oil MAINTENANCE FREE.
  • 124 to 5140 in-lbs output torque (T2N).
  • i = 7.5 to 100/1 in standard ratios... to 40,000/1 (see XX, KX, KK Series).
  • Reduced backlash and servo inputs available by request.
  • ITL (Integrated Mechanical Torque Limiter) Available on-demand
  • Tapered Roller Bearings on worm gear available for high OHL applications.

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  SFK - BFK Series Documentation  

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  TLS Catalog SFK-BFK in Italian, English, and German 2.7 MB
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    TLS Instruction Manual 111 KB

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Replaces STM RMI worm gear series from STM Spa, Replaces Bonfiglioli VF, Spaggiari SW and ISW, Ghirri MRV, Varvel Ra, Varvel RS, worm gear, Hydromec, Leeson Spartin worm gear. The series employes a standard main body and gearsection with a wide variety of output covers, feet, flanges, in various dimensions to allow nearly every round style hard to find worm gear to be replaced with this readily assembled and quickly shipped high quality Italian manufactured. We can even replace many Chinese cloned Italian gearboxes that fail prematurely with a high quality Italian designed & manufactured product. Because the SFK-BFK is a TVT product, we can also add such items as our ITL Integrated Torque Limiter, where the entire working elements of the torque limiter are enclosed inside the gearbox free from maintenance. We can add an AC or DC motor, a brake motor, servo motor, even hydraulic motors from our own production in Italy. Single, double, triple gear reduction is easily created from this modular system for ratios of 5/1 to 100/1, then on to 1000/1, and even 100,000/1 is theoretically possible using this worm gear. Again, why pay more, wait 12-14 weeks for a Bonfiglioli, Motovario, STM, SITI, Ghirri, Varvel, or some other unknown brand or supplier when you can quickly have manufactured and shipped a genuine TVT gearbox.