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OEG Alternating Current Brakes  FRENO Elettriciti

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OEG BRAKE Accessories

OEG offers AC brakes that act as safety brakes, when power is off brake is applied by spring force. The O.E.G. AC FRENO is three phase or single phase with capacitor, and can be direct current power on request.   one of the oldest manufacturers of IEC metric motor brakes, thus being the original design many competitors brakes can be replaced with original OEG brakes.

MS/FM Series

  • Power-Off Safety Brake (spring applied brake force)

  • 230/400V/50Hz 260/460v/60Hz.3ph standard.

  • 1 phase and special volts available.

  • 5 to 500 Nm (44 to 4425 in-lbs) Braking torque.

  • Interchangeable with OEG MS/FM Series (AC Current brakes).

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O.E.G. MS/FM AC brake Gottifredi

SMS Series

  • Power-Off Safety Brake (spring applied brake force)

  • Superior wear life - twice the service life of standard brakes.

  • Fast braking & release times (15 times faster than DC brake)

  • 10 to 1100 Nm (88 to 9735 in-lbs) Braking torque.

  • Double brake disc and soft stop flywheel designs available.

  • Exceptionally innovative designs.

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SMS AC Brake from O.E.G. Srl

VMS Series

  • Power-Off Safety Brake (spring applied brake force)

  • Superduty 6 spring design to 400Nm

  • Fast brake/release times.

  • Ideal for high cycling or rugged duty.

  • Long life high reliability rate brake.

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