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                                        TF - TFS - TFP Series - Single Polarity (1 speed) 3phase IEC Brake Motors

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TF 3-ph IEC brake motor from MT ElectricTFS MT IEC 3phase Brake motor B3 typeIEC 3ph motor with AC Brake with spring

MT Motori Electtrici is well known in Europe for its high quality and broad range of AC-Brake Motors.  Above photos illustrate three of our standard single speed, 3 phase, IEC frame brake motors.

  • Left is the standard TF type, which features a rectified AC SAB type brake (an AC electromagnet holds back the springs that will close the brake should power be interrupted). The brake we use is from Officini Elettromeccanica Gottifredi (O.E.G.) FM series for DC rectified and MS/FM for AC type.  to learn more about this brake click its link.

  • In the middle right is a photo of a TFS which is supplied with a DC SAB brake (rectified DC is powered by terminal strip connection or by an control power feed).  Very compact size.   The brake we use is from Officini Elettromeccanica Gottifredi (O.E.G.) MLCC series for DC rectified compact braking. to learn more about this brake click its link.

  • On the bottom is our TFP series, which has a AC electromagnet over springs, this has the highest release and braking precision, the maximum braking frequency, and high starting frequency capabilities.  TFP brakes have double braking surface for maximum precision and wear life.  We can also supply TFP type with DC brake for softer braking.   The brake we typically use on the TFP made by Officini Elettromeccanica Gottifredi (O.E.G.) and is their SMS Series.  To learn more about the SMS series used in the TFP, click the SMS series link.

  • 56A to 200LB frame sizes.
  • B3, B5, B14, or B3/B5, B3/B14 options.
  • 230-400V 50hz, 260/460V 60hz option.
  • 208-230/460V 60Hz 200/400V 50Hz
  • 0.07 to 50 hp (0.05 to 37kw)
  • 2, 4, 6, & 8 pole standard.
  • Reduced size output flanges available B14, B5 option.
  • Encoders for closed loop vector or servo option.
  • Servo Ventilation for 100% cooling at 0hz option.
  • CL-F standard, CL-H option.
  • Double Output Shaft option.
  • Special voltage ratings available.
  • Thermal protection option.
  • Tropical proof winding option.
  • Housings & End covers of high strength vacuum die-cast aluminum.
  • Cooling fans are bi-directional of high impact engineered plastics
  • Fan shrouds in polyester epoxy powder painted RAL Blue, or Zinc Plated steel.
  • Dimensions & Construction conforming strictly to IEC, UNEL, & CEI specifications.
  • Wire is double coated Essex Class H grade as standard.
  • Insulation Class F with no extra charge, Class H insulation (180 C) optional.
  • High quality screw-down clamp terminal strip within die cast two-piece terminal box.
  • Phase separators standard.
  • Magnetic Metal sheets standard
  • Suitable for 50 or 60 hz operation.
  • NSK or SKF Electric Motor Quality ISO bearings.
  • UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 production.
  • ATEX 94/9 CE Zone 2-22
  • UL 1004 Certificate - CSA C22.2 NR. 100-95
  • IP 55 (protection from dust, protection from water nozel of any direction) standard.
  • IP-66 or 67 available upon request.
  • 100% Italian design & manufacture - No extra cost, it is our passion.


TF Brake Motors - Documentation (printable download Adobe PDF files)

To request CAD files or specification sheets on MT Brake Motors please contact TVT America Engineering Department.

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  TF Technical Specifications


  TF Dimensions  97KB
  TFS Technical Specifications  81KB
  TFS Dimensions  82KB
  TFP Technical Specifications 97KB
  TFP Dimensions 72KB
  Complete Motori Elettrici Catalog 1.7KB
  Design-To-Suite Brochure 484KB
  Use & Maintenance Manual   4486KB