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On Line Gear Reducers & IEC Frame Electric Motor Sales

       2 August 2010, Holdenville, Oklahoma -

TVT America Incorporated, announced August 1st, 2010, the introduction of Google Checkout on-line sales for its Tramec, Varmec, TLS brands of fixed and variable ratio gear drives, and MT brand of IEC frame single (1ph) and three (3ph) industrial electric motors.  TVT chose Google over all other options for its security, simplicity, reliability, and brand recognition in the ecommerce market.


      TVT America Inc., Director of North American Operations, Mark Solvie states "Google Checkout gives a young and dynamic organization like TVT America a proven and reliable ecommerce solution that is actually superior and more reliable than the few offerings from our multi-billion dollar publicly traded competitors in the Industrial Power Transmission market.".   Google reports that customers find the service "Fast and easy to use", as well as "Safe and secure", and "Protects personal information" all of which where important factors for TVT America selecting Google as its choice for online sales.(Source http://www.Google.com/checkout/testimonials.html).
       The Google Checkout service is easy for customers to use and requires no training at all for customers to make credit card purchases right on TVTAmerica.com without any "strange out of website experiences"; to quote Solvie.  Solvie goes on to state "With Google Checkout our customers can trust their information to be kept private, safe, and secure".  
       What is available - Solvie stated "We're starting with a limited range of our offering, only our popular VSF2.USC double output worm gear reducers, GN Series highspeed self aligning steel gear with nylon sleeve coupling, and our Three Phase IEC Frame induction motors from our partner MT Electric Motors".  This is several SKU's, but TVT America is a small company with one of the broadest lines of gears and electric motors for IEC and metric applications in America.   Solvie goes on to say, "...fine servos for robots all the way to heavy helical reducers put to work crushing mountains... from Panama to Canada, TVT covers North America's needs".  Going forward, TVT America plans to add their extensive range of metric worm gear reducers next, both their square type universal "X" series and the "K" round series that is designed to easily replace nearly every round cased European worm gear design made.   
      TVT America Incorporated, http://www.tvtamerica.com, is based in Holdenville, Oklahoma in the historic Benson Building at 210 East Main.  TVT is the North American sales, marketing, engineering, and service partner to Italian power transmission manufactures Tramec S.r.l., Varmec S.r.l., TLS Riduttori S.r.l., Electric Motors M.T. S.r.l., and a North American distributor for VarSpe S.p.A. all of whom design & manufacture their own products in the Northern regions of Bologna and Vincenza, Italy.   Contact: marketing@tvtamerica.com for more information or call 866.285.5055

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