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Comintec s.r.l. Torque limiters, Clutches, Shaft Couplings, locking collars, and Variable Speed Belt Drives


Comintec s.r.l.

brings to America 45+ years of Italian passion for power transmission.   ComInTec expertise predates the servo, where fine mechanical components were demanded to make precision timing devices that could operate without interruption for days, weeks, months, and years maintaining control, safety, reliability, and of course precision.   Today it should be no surprise that this legacy of excellence results in mechanical driveline components of superior quality, design, and durability. With each clutch, coupling, torque limiter, pulley, or even a simple locking collar... "A successful future means winning each challenge together" ComInTec S.r.l.
Torque Limiters

Safety Coupling


Torque Limiters:

has an extensive range of torque limiters, starting with the economical and reliable series DF Friction Torque limiter and continuing into the highest precision & performance Backlash Free Ball detent torque limiters... now available in STAINLESS STEEL. 

  • 8 to 235,000 in-lbs torque.
  • 0.5" to 5.50" bore sizes.
  • Parallel, in-line shaft, or torque arm.
  • Metric or inch bores.
  • Friction, ball, roller elements.
  • Omni, single, or multi-position.
  • Carbon or Stainless steel.
  • 100% Made in ITALY.
Pneumatic Clutch

Pneumatic Clutch

Pneumatic Clutches:

ComInTec experience with safety couplings led the company into the design & production of high performance pneumatic clutches.  ComInTec pneumatic clutches not only provide very precise on-the-fly control of output torque but also a means to engage and disengage a driven shaft. 

  • 25 to 265,000 in-lbs torque.
  • 0.5" to 5.50" bore sizes.
  • Parallel or in-line shaft config.
  • Friction, ball, or roller elements.
  • Omni, single, or multi-position.
  • Carbon or Stainless Steel.
  • 100% Made in ITALY.

Metric Shaft Coupling

Shaft Couplings:

ComInTec's production of shaft couplings offers the right coupling for every imaginable application and budget.   Quality, precision, and ideal material selection is important in the production of shaft couplings.  From the Rigid Steel to the Zero-backlash couplings ComInTec offers the right product made with perfection.   Yes, you can afford to have the best shaft coupling... from ComInTec.

  • 0 to 265,000 in-lbs torque.
  • 0.25 to 6.00" bore sizes
  • Metric or Inch
  • Rigid, chain, gear, disk, jaw, pin, and bellows type.
  • Aluminum, steel, or stainless.
  • Shaft, flange, or drive-shafts.
  • 100% Made in ITALY.

Shaft Collars

Metric Shaft Collars:

ComInTec produces a complete range of metric shaft locking collars in steel, stainless steel, with set screw, clamping, split, shoulder, and threaded locking nuts. A simple shaft collar, if not designed properly, of the correct materials, and then carefully made can cause critical machine failure... often for the savings of a few pennies by using a 3rd world sourced collar.  Spend the extra nickel and have a precision shaft collar made by a someone you can trust.

  • 3 to 100mm H8 metric precision.
  • Fully machined on all planes.
  • Set screw, or clamping.
  • Steel, Stainless Steel, or Niploy.
  • Perfectly square edges.
  • Threaded radial locking nuts.
  • Conical Washers for rod ends.
  • Dynamically balanced opt.
  • 100% Made in ITALY.
Variable Speed

Variable Speed Pulley

Variable Speed Belt Drives:

Single and double adjustable pitch pulley designs, high performance wide and standard belt designs, single and dual expanding pulleys, proven design & precision manufacture a complete range of variable speed pulleys from ComInTec 100% Italian Design & Production.

  • Fractional to 25hp.
  • NEMA or IEC Motor Shafts
  • Inch or Metric driven shafts.
  • Fixed or Adjustable Distance
  • Helical or Diaphragm Springs.
  • Wide or Standard Belt drives
  • Steel construction
  • Dynamically Balanced.
  • 100% Made in ITALY
Motor Bases

IEC Metric Motor Mount

IEC Metric Motor Bases:

ComInTec produces a range of adjustable motor bases for motors ranging from IEC frame 56 to 180L. These high in quality Italian manufactured motor bases offer an ideal mounting for any belt drive motor.
  • IEC 56 to 180L Motor Bases
  • die-cast iron or galv. steel.
  • Handwheel or Hex adjusting.
  • Single or Double sliding.
  • 4 sizes, 2 designs.
  • 100% Made in ITALY. "Design-Marketing-SEO"